Elevate Your Green Space with Custom Made Planters.

Embrace Endless Possibilities: Select from an Abundance of Designs, Sizes, and Colors!

  • Step 1. Choose A Design

    Browse the catalogue of designs and immerse yourself in the diverse product range. Discover an array of stunning designs and explore our diverse product range.

  • Step 2. Tell Us Your Size Requirements*

    Not all homes and not all plants are the same. Are you looking for a specific opening, depth?

    *Maximum Build Size:

    Width 203mm | 8 inches

    Depth 203mm | 8 inches

    Height 241mm | 9.5 inches

  • Step 3. Choose Your Colourways

    I understand that we all have lovely styles in our beautiful ways.

    So there are plenty of colours to choose from, including creating a combination of colours to assist your beautiful home.

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