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Made By Kacey | Sustainable Stylish Bowl Planter

Succulent, Terrarium Garden & Moss Bowl Pot - 4

Succulent, Terrarium Garden & Moss Bowl Pot - 4

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A stylish bowl planter suitable for creating a stunning centre piece Succulent, Terrarium Garden or even as a vibrant Moss Bowl. 

Elevate your indoor plant presentation with our Sustainable Bowl Planters, infusing your space with a touch of modern botanical beauty and understated elegance, the epitome of indoor plant décor.

Note: Each planter pot is meticulously crafted, and slight variations in texture may occur, further enriching its distinctive character.

Planter Sizes

  • Small 14cm Opening - 5.51cm Inside Height
  • Large 17cm Opening - 6.69cm Inside Height

Need a specific size? Contact us now and let us know how we can help



  • Do not allow the planter to sit in very strong, direct sunlight for too many hours in the day.
  • Keep way from any candles or hot accompaniments, etc. 
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Your Botanical Display

Enhance your indoor plant decor with a plant pot that offers more than just practicality. Immerse yourself in the transformative qualities of this eco-friendly piece, creating a nature-inspired statement that complements your space.

The finer details

Sustainable Stylish Planter

Versatile Size

Our planter accommodates a wide variety of plants, from petite succulents to medium-sized ornamentals. Please refer to the product details for exact measurements.

Enhanced Plant Display

Purposefully crafted to showcase your plants at their peak, this planter provides an exquisite backdrop that allows your greenery to truly shine. Be it a vibrant succulent or a cascading vine, this pot transforms into an elegant canvas for your unique botanical artistry.

Elegant Focal Point

Whether gracing a windowsill, tabletop, or bookshelf, our planter emerges as an elegant focal point that effortlessly captures attention and admiration. Its minimalist allure injects a note of sophistication into any setting.

Thoughtful Gift

Searching for a thoughtful gift for plant enthusiasts, friends, or family? The indoor planter pot stands as a heartfelt gesture, offering a practical yet stylish present suitable for various occasions.

Embrace Innovation

Step into the future of plant décor with our indoor stylish sustainable plant pot.

Possible thanks to a thoughtful design, vision and the use of intricate 3D printing technology with a sustainable plant-derived material (PLA).

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