"Just so you know... I've got a thing for plants"

Sorry for any inconveniences! We have decided to update our website over the next coming weeks.

  • After starting in July 2023, we have listened and adapted across the 12 market events we did last year.
  • A lot has changed as the most important part of our journey is to make sure you are all delighted.
  • We've been working hard throughout the end of the Christmas period last year, we have new colourways, designs and many more accessories.
  • As a result, we are in the process now to update the website, with all the new and exciting things we are bringing to you.

For now, sign up to below to our Secret Garden and you'll be able to follow the journey and be the first to know.

Have you met us at a recent event and looking for something specific? Please let us know how we can help.